Dash - Slider values to update heatmap

Hello folks,

I have started using plotly and dash to build radio frequency spectrum data gathered from sensors. I have managed to get a spectrum display which is also known as a Heatmap (took me a while to figure this out).

The heatmap is created from a pandas dataframe with -

  1. x axis set to the individual columns (these are frequency columns with their levels)
  2. yaxis is time
  3. Z axis is the signal level in each of these columns.

The heatmap contains the signal levels from around 200 columns in a pandas dataframe and shows which frequencies are being measured at high levels.I have also created a drop down menu as well as a slider which looks like this -

My intended design is to make the slider as well as the drop-down box filter the dataframe that generates the heatmap. Thus by picking sensors from the drop-down menu and adjusting the slider, I need the heatmap to be updated showing the values above the slider selected value for the sensor.

How can this be achieved using callbacks?