Dash(python) plots only some observations of plotly.express plots

I have made an app with dash, which has graphs plotted using plotly.express in python. data to the graphs update dynamically with changes in DatePickerRange and Dropdown. my problem now is, dash never plots more than 13 observations or bars on x-axis of my bar chart. and when I plot the same partitioned data on jupyter notebook, I could see complete data. how do I have dash plot more observations on x-axis.
as you can see in the screenshot, i could only see data of 13 days. it’s not that i don’t have data after that.

see data on next observations now:

also, i have even scrolled horizontally to see if there is data plotted, but of no luck.

Here’s what i have used:
dcc.Graph to plot graph.
and a callback that sends plotly.express graph based on inputs to that dcc.Graph.