Dash Mantine DatePicker

Just checking in on the functionality of the Dash Mantine DatePicker.

I am considering moving a complicated Dash site from Dash Bootstrap to Dash Mantine. I am on Dash using FireFox, Chrome, and Safari browsers on a Mac running MacOS Ventura 13.3.1. The DatePicker does not open and clicking it seems to lock up the rest of the controls on the page pretty badly from there.

Hi @marketemp
The dmc date picker in 0.12 version has a bug which freezes the app when there is no space available for the pop up to open. Iā€™m trying to fix this.
Meanwhile, you can use dmc version 0.11. Though you might see some differences in the docs as they are for 0.12.

A workaround is to set the position of the date picker dropdown to bottom rather than auto :slight_smile:

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thanks @snehilvj and @RenaudLN .

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