Dash Mantine & Dash Bootstrap UI Building Blocks

I’ve been working on a side project I thought would be great for the community. There’s a few posts hanging around with various UI components in them for Dash but no central place to keep them. So I put together (with the help of @AnnMarieW and @snehilvj ) a site for this:

This site should help consolidate all of the dash mantine and dash bootstrap building blocks in one spot similar to what react has. I consolidated all of the ones we have so far but if anyone has more they’d like to add (or any i missed), feel free to either post them on here or create a pull request on the Github Repo. I’ll come up with an easier way to add components soon.



This is really cool and has loads of potential. Creating some of these things from scratch can be very tedious. this can speed up building the front-end of apps / sites and help beautify them in a short amount of time :+1: :+1: :+1:


very true @matt1
This is a great project. Congratulations @tphil10 .

I would encourage everyone to add building blocks to this list. This can make app-building even faster.


I revamped the upload utility to make it more streamlined and added a second way to upload components to show off! :partying_face:


The community has definitely created some cool building blocks for everyone over the past few weeks. I’ve got a few more in the works but if anyone has any suggestions, add them here or upload them on the site :partying_face:

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Fantastic idea . Really food addition to the community, thanks for the effort

I re-did the building blocks site and moved the whole thing to AWS instead of render. The code storage was already on AWS so it made sense to move the domain there too. The new site is here:


@tphil10 - I :heart: dash-building-blocks’s new home! And it loads so much faster :bullettrain_side:

Hey everyone - this is an awesome site! If you haven’t checked it out yet - head on over. It currently has 9 categories of building blocks, such as Cards, Navbars, Footers, each with several different designs to select from. It’s also really easy to share your own designs with the community - just hit the upload button to add your building block to the site.

home page

Here’s the start of the Navbar section: