Dash LinkedIn User Group

I have very recently formed a Dash User Group on LinkedIn. While the community forum is great for ‘How do I …?’ posts, I am hoping the user group will be a place for Dash users to connect professionally. Topics should include:

• News about Plotly and particularly Dash
• Feature requests and discussions
• Novel charts and visualizations
• Useful tips and tricks
• Advice and success stories about making a business case for Dash
• Announcements of papers or presentations that include Dash
• Interesting news from Dash competitors
• Interesting news from the world of Business Intelligence

If you are interested, you can request to join at Plotly Dash User Group


Thanks @ghavranek. I’ll join and I’m excited to contribute to the professional network.

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Thanks @ghavranek! Like @russellthehippo, I’m also looking forward to joining!