Dash Leaflet webpage on Heroku does NOT work!

Hi all,

Has anyone noticed that docs page for Dash Leaflet does not work?

Hi @Emil thanks for creating Dash Leaflet, one of most useful Dash community component, do you have any idea why Heroku instance with docs stopped working?



Milan Mitrovic

Hi Milan. It is because Heroku has shut down free tier apps :confused: I plan to get the docs online again, but I am not sure exactly when a solution will be in place.

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Aha yeah, I remember. They did it couple of weeks ago… Is there any way to run docs on local PC?

I remember that docs (that was excellent) was created as single page. Can you take a screen shot of page (it will be very long screen though) and put here? It will be very useful for users until app is live again :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @Emil !

I just remembered, I have a copy running on Render :blush:

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Thanks @Emil ! This is perfect :slight_smile:

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