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Dash layout - add video as background?

Hi all!

Is it possible to have a layout with a video displayed in the background with some transparency?

something like when adding a background color in the style feature of a html.Div([ ], style={ XXXXX: XXXXX})?

Hi @monitorcasalab

Check out this post: Just finished my Dash project; this forum helped a lot, let me know if you're curious about anything I did/how I achieved it @jon_peter did a nice job on this app!

And be sure to check out the site: That opening scene makes me want to take a hike :sun_with_face:


Thank you for your kind comment @AnnMarieW!

@monitorcasalab I’ve attached some snippets of my code below where I got the background as a video.

	home_page = html.Div([

Unsure of how other users went about it, but I just use an S3 bucket to store the video and source it directly from there. You can also do this via google drive or many other ways.

Hopefully this helps.


Fantastic!!!, thank you @jon_peter and @AnnMarieW. Jon, your video and layout is pretty impressive