Dash Job - Python Consultant - infeurope S.A. (Luxembourg)

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Knowledge of Plotly Dash is mandatory.

Company: infeurope S.A.

Title: Python Consultant for Funding and Investor Relations (FIR) applications

Category: 1 year full time; up to 3 extensions for 1 year each

Location: Luxembourg

Experience: 3 years of experience

Application: Link to apply



Analysis and design: Work with the client’s subject matter experts to gather business requirements and any other relevant input. Perform analysis of existing processes and applications, and additional/new end user requirements. Design applications addressing these requirements.

Code Review and Alignment: analyze the existing code, understand its business logic and objectives, and align the code between the various segments of the developed solutions to ensure maintainability, performance, and readability.

New Code Development: Develop new Python code for various projects and ensure integration with existing developments and systems to maintain consistency and to facilitate future expansions.

Version Control Management with Git: Maintain and enhance the existing Git-based version control framework, while applying it to all new development work.

Testing: Write unit tests to fulfil the required code coverage quality gates, prepare and participate in system/integration tests and user acceptance tests.

Analytics reporting Frontend: Support the team to create reporting solutions on top of the database and application layers.

Documentation: Create comprehensive, business-friendly documentation for all developed code to ensure that our team members can understand and maintain the code effectively.

Training and Support: Offer training and support to team members in advanced coding techniques, database development and integration, IT infrastructure management, and version control practices with Git.


Provide requirements and design documents, following the structure and formats approved by FIR.
Develop and deliver sophisticated database schemas, integration strategies, and data loading scripts for Microsoft SQL Server. This should include a detailed strategy for integrating these databases with the client’s existing IT infrastructure, enhancing data management and accessibility, supported by comprehensive documentation.
Develop Front End applications that present the results of analytics
Provide an operator and end-user documentation.
Execute trainings to support FIR employees improve their skills for application and database development.


Technical skills:

Bachelor’s degree in information technology, data science, Mathematics, Physics, or similar field, and/or equivalent professional experience (mandatory).
At least 3 years of experience in software engineering with Python and SQL in a professional environment (mandatory).
Proficient in object-oriented programming, enabling the adequate application of software design patterns and the creation of modular, reusable, and maintainable code that adheres to modern programming paradigms (mandatory).
Proficient in usage of the following Python libraries: NumPy, Pandas (mandatory).
Proficient with: Python, SQL (mandatory),
Proficient knowledge of and experience with the following Python libraries: Plotly, Dash (mandatory).
Proficient in the use of the Git version control systems (mandatory)
Experience with CSS and Scripting, eg, Shell Scripts, PowerShell, batch scripts (desired).
Practical experience with SQL database development (desired)
Experience with continuous integration and continues delivery pipelines, eg, Jenkins, Azure Pipelines (desired).
Experience with documentation of business requirements and with technical writing (mandatory).
Experience with MS Office (desired).

Soft skills:

Excellent English communication and presentation skills, ensuring clear and concise communication with our team members and fostering a smooth and effective collaboration process.
Strong capacity and proactiveness for fostering collaboration and demonstrating commitment to the team’s goals is required. The ideal candidate will be actively contributing to a positive, productive work environment and encouraging teamwork and shared success.