Dash Job - Data analytics and visualization specialist - Kobotoolbox (International remote)

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Proven experience building interactive dashboards with Dash (Python).

Company: Kobotoolbox

Title: Data analytics and visualization specialist

Category: Full time

Location: International (remote)

Experience: Not stated

Application: Link to apply


Location: Remote

Start date: As soon as possible, in consultation with the selected candidate

Availability: Flexible (32-40 hours per week)

Deadline: 7 August 2023 at 00:00 UTC

Job brief

We are looking for an experienced data analytics and visualization specialist to fill a newly created full-time position at Kobo Inc., the nonprofit organization behind the leading humanitarian data collection toolkit, KoboToolbox. You will be responsible for designing and building bespoke interactive dashboards for clients using a mix of different tools, including Power BI, Dash, and Tableau. This will include understanding client needs, designing effective and responsive layouts of complex data from multiple sources, integrating feedback and collaborating with the client and technical support team.

Prior experience using KoboToolbox, ODK, XLSForm, Power BI, Dash (Python) as well as strong communication and software development skills are essential for this position. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will help to better engage with the many KoboToolbox users from around the world, and to provide critical support and guidance to their projects. Your organization skills, independence and remote work experience will ensure that projects are delivered effectively.

About KoboToolbox and Kobo

KoboToolbox is a very widely used software for data collection, management, and visualization platform specifically designed for humanitarians and researchers working in complex emergencies and resource-constrained environments. Founded in 2005 by a team of public health and conflict researchers, it has been managed since 2013 by a growing team based initially at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Kobo was created in 2019 as a nonprofit organization to host and maintain KoboToolbox, and to support open source data systems and technology for humanitarian action, global development, peacebuilding, public health, and human rights.

Publicly hosted KoboToolbox servers are used by more than 14,000 organizations worldwide who collect more than 20 million surveys per month to inform, track, and guide social impact projects in more than 240 countries and territories.


  • Lead the design, build and maintenance of bespoke interactive dashboards using Dash (Python), Power BI, and/or Tableau
  • Communicate with clients to understand their needs, coordinate with KoboToolbox team, and integrate feedback and changes in a timely manner
  • Provide training and documentation material to clients on usage of their custom dashboards
  • Add to and improve user documentation content (support.kobotoolbox.org) in text, visual, and video format
  • Investigate user support issues and coordinate with support and technical teams when necessary

Required Qualifications

  • Proven experience with KoboToolbox, ODK, XLSForm and related tools
  • Proven experience building interactive dashboards with Power BI, Tableau, Dash (Python), or similar
  • Experience with R, Python, or JavaScript programming languages
  • Experience with data analysis, data cleaning, transformation, and manipulation using Excel, Python, R, or similar- Strong written and spoken proficiency in English
  • Proven experience creating documentation materials
  • Strong project management skills; the ability to multi-task, meet deadlines within tight timeframes and work independently
  • Demonstrated adaptability, flexibility, and resourcefulness in setting priorities and organizing work; a results-driven approach to setting goals and celebrating accomplishments
  • Genuine interest in our mission

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working in data collection for humanitarian assistance, economic development, or similar field research
  • Written and spoken proficiency with another priority language (Arabic, Spanish, French)
  • Active and contributing member of the KoboToolbox community forum
  • Experience facilitating or supporting KoboToolbox training sessions
  • Familiarity with REST APIs
  • Experience working within a remote team
  • Experience using tools such as Notion, Github, Git, Discourse, and Hubspot


  • This is remote work position; all of Kobo’s team members work remotely in the United States, Canada, Poland, Malawi, South Africa, Nepal, and the United Kingdom
  • Work hours need to overlap at least partially with our team’s core workday (8am-5pm ET / 13:00-22:00 UTC)

What we offer

  • open-ended contractor position
  • flexibility regarding the number of hours worked per week
  • paid professional development opportunities
  • great international team environment with a lot of growth opportunities