Dash Job - Data Analyst - BCG Gamma

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Must have experience in interactive data visualization using the tools like Dash

Company: BCG

Title: Data Analyst

Category: Full Time

Location: Greater Madrid Metropolitan Area (Hybrid)

Experience: Associate

Application: Link to apply



As a part of BCG’s GAMMA A team you will work closely with consulting teams on a diverse range of advanced analytics topics. You will have the opportunity to leverage analytical methodologies to deliver value to BCG’s Consulting (case) teams and Practice Areas (domain) through providing analytics subject matter expertise, and accelerated execution support.

You will collaborate with case teams to gather requirements, specify, design, develop, deliver and support analytic solutions serving client needs. You will provide technical support through deeper understanding of relevant data analytics solutions and processes to build high quality and efficient analytic solutions.


Working with case (and proposal) teams

  • Delivering original analysis and insights to case teams, typically owning all or part of an analytics module whilst integrating with a case team
  • Establishing credibility by thought partnering with case teams on analytics topics; drawing conclusions on a range of external and internal issues related to your module
  • Executing analytical approach and creating defined outcome; contributing to approach selection focusing on problem solving and client value aspects
  • Applying analytical, statistical and programming skills, building models, creating algorithms and using appropriate tools to discover knowledge from a variety of large and versatile data sources
  • Wrapping the outcomes of analysis into ready-to-use software modules / minimal viable products / dashboards
  • Training the project and client teams on advanced analytics approach in general as well as on application of particular tools and methods to increase the impact of their work
  • Communicating analytical insights through sophisticated synthesis and packaging of results (including PPT slides and charts) with consultants; collecting, synthesizing, analysing case team learning & inputs into new best practices and methodologies
  • Developing broad expertise in at least one analytics topic or platform

Thinking Analytically

  • You should be strong in analytical solutioning with hands on experience in advanced analytics delivery, through the entire life cycle of analytics. Strong analytics skills with the ability to develop and codify knowledge and provide analytical advice where required.

Technical Skills (Must have):

  • Overall fluency in either of Python: ability to read, create, debug and package code, being comfortable using either of Pycharm, Visual Studio or any other IDE
  • SQL scripting, ability to collect data from relational databases, e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL etc.)
  • Data wrangling with Python (pandas, Dask, etc.)
  • Hands on statistical inference using Python, as MS Excel extensions
  • Hands on experience with data visualization using charting tools like Matplotlib, Seaborn, Ggplot2, Plotly, Lattice, HighCharts, D3.js
  • Hands on experience of using either of Tableau, PowerBI or QlikView
  • Experience in interactive data visualisation using the tools like Dash, Bokeh, Shiny, etc.
  • Experience with collaboration within agile projects, being flexible to apply agile software development practices that may vary from case to case, comfortable using the tools like GitHub, Trello, Jira, Slack
  • Self-learning and quick ramping in previously unfamiliar technological stack if needed

Technical Skills (Good to have):

  • Experience in building scalable production ready dashboards and web applications using Python.
  • Understanding of and hands on experience with apps containerization and automated deployment (Docker, K8s)
  • Experience with proprietary low-code data wrangling, predictive analytics and modelling tools (either of Alteryx, Knime, Dataiku, SAS, SPSS etc.)
  • Experience with cloud architectures (Azure/AWS) and machine learning platforms e.g. Azure ML, AWS Sagemaker
  • Experience with querying NoSQL databases e.g. MongoDB, Redis Cassandra etc.


  • Bachelor’s / Master’s degree (mention the course as per requirement).
  • 1 - 4 years within relevant domain of Advanced Analytics and Software Development across industries and work experience providing analytics solutions in a commercial setting.
  • Consulting experience will be considered a plus
  • Excellence English.
  • Spanish Is beneficial.