Dash Interval not refreshing in some enviroments


I have spent so much time trying to find why the interface of my project doesnt update when dcc.interval fires the callback in certains environments/computers.

In my project, the timer is fired every second and add some information to a plotly graph. On my personal computer and on other pc´s works fine but when I deploy it on a docker or VM (same linux image that my pc) in the cloud, it does not refresh the interface in runtime when interval is running.

It computes all the calculations it has to do in background but it doesnt refresh the information in the plotly graph. However, when the interval is stopped, all the information that should have been displayed up to that point is shown.

My suspicions are that it has something to do with some graphical library that manages the interface refresh that will have to be installed in the docker/VM.

Thank you in advance

Here I post both situations.

The first one, when it works well, I press play (starts interval), and it updates every second:

The second one, when it does not work fine, I press play and it does not change anything on the interface until i press pause (stops the interval) and then it refreshes the graph with the info
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