Dash interactive filtering

Hi all

Interactive filtering (filtering graphs based on click actions on other graphs) is a standard expected feature in any dashboard.

The default behaviour of ‘clickData’ property in the Graph component is very limited. Particularly around the ability to ‘unclick’ a mark to undo a filter action (by clicking the already selected mark), persisting the filter choices when the callback is triggered and having a visual que for the current clicked mark on a graph.

In this app, I have implemented these features and they work as the below GIF shows.

dash filter actions (1)

Code available at: GitHub - Moh-Ozzi/dash-interactive-filtering-

It’s a hacky workaround that’s certainly going to introduce performance issues especially with large scale production apps, but still hope it will be of use for some.


Nice hack. Thank you for sharing, @mo.elauzei :pray:

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