Dash functionality: Tableau-like action filters

I would like to see a working example of Tableau-like action filters in Dash. In Tableau, one can use action filters to, for example:

  1. Click on a region of a map e.g. France
  2. User is taken to a new dashboard / fresh screen with e.g. a chart displaying information for France related data
  3. User can click a ‘back’ button to see the previous view

However, this type of point-and-click solution in Tableau isn’t scalable when multiple and different action filters are required for different types of selections, which is probably where the customization of Dash is most likely to shine for me, if it can achieve this functionality.

As much as I am loathe to accept this given how much I like the idea of coding in Python, I cannot justify learning to use Dash atm from a commercial point of view without functionality described above.

Are we able achieve the Tableau-like ‘point and click’ filters in Dash? Can anyone provide a working example that I can view?

Thank you in advance!