Dash : FlexLayout Component

Hi everyone,

Continued from : POC: Drag, Drop, Resize, Stack Dash layout

Dash really needs such a feature.
I kept on using dash-lumino for a while now, waiting for a descent alternative. GoldenLayout is probably not going to be implemented in Dash.
Dash-FlexLayout seems to be the better solution of everything that is available. So big props to @benn0 and @davidpsq for their work on this component.

I pip install dash_flexlayout and ran the usage stuff.

Is it possible to add a working example that includes those features?
It would also be nice to include:

  • save/load buttons to showcase how to use callbacks to save/load layout models.
  • Theming

Considering the FlexLayout React component Demo, you guys are almost there

This component is actually lovely. @popo did you ever manage to get it working with styling or custom CSS colors? I would totally use this if not for the forced white theme.