Dash Extensions Blocking Callback Changed IDs

Hi, I am currently using a Blocking Callback Transform in my dash app, and am having trouble determining which prop triggered said callback. I am currently trying to get the changed prop id using this line of code

changed_ids = [p['prop_id'] for p in dash.callback_context.triggered]

but this gives me a prop_id of [{'prop_id': 'e3dbfba0-9d54-43f9-988b-de6e50207200_start_client.data', 'value': 1669217063820}]

Is there a way to parse the callback context? Thanks

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Hi @jamie welcome to the forums.

Take a look at this:

Thanks @AIMPED I didn’t see that post. Looks like I will have to work around this.

I am surprised to se two cases have this exact same issue at almost the same time. I’ll look into a solution when I get some time on my hands :blush:

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@Emil Thank you!

I have started working on a solution and published it as dash-extensions==0.1.8rc1. Could you try to see, if it resolves your usecase?


@Emil thank you, this works great. Parsing the callback context now works with BlockingCallbackTransform! I appreciate it.

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