How to use dash.callback_context in dynamic callbacks?

When using a Dash callback context to retrieve the IDs of dynamically created buttons, the ID obtained appears to be a string representation of a dictionary. Is there an alternative method to obtain the ID of the button that triggered the callback dynamically?

Hi @Ananthzeke what exactly are you referring to?

If creating content dynamically, you should consider using pattern matching callbacks.

Im referring to the trigger id in callback context

triggered_id = ctx.triggered[0]["prop_id"].split(".")[0]

this returns the dynamic callback id as a string of dictionary


but i need it as a dictionary to check whether the button is triggered or not,
is there any other way to to do this

You ca just do:

triggered_index = ctx.triggered_id.index

This gives you the index of the triggered intercation-button

or, if you want to keep the dictionary structure:

triggered_dict = ctx.triggered_id