Dash Enterprise In-App User Permissions

Hi everyone,
I’ll be developing a Dash Enterprise App for a client. If we were to implement In-App user roles to limit certain users to certain features/Read-Write-permissions, do we need to implement this in our own database tables? (User/Roles/Permissions) Does Dash Enterprise provide In-App user role support? If not, I’d imagine we can use “get_username” API call to get user’s name, and put them into our own user table? (Postgresql)
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Andy Y

Hi @aydevmo
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Do you have Dash Enterprise?
If you’re a Dash Enterprise customer our support team would be happy to help you via email.

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Hi @adamschroeder
I won’t have access to Dash Enterprise until a few weeks later. Right now I’m doing initial database design, implementing proof-of-concept app in Dash, and hope my effort won’t go to waste. Thank you!

Wow @adamschroeder
Is that you? I’m watching your YouTube videos. Nice work! It’s a life saver! Thank you!

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