Dash dropdowns documentation

Hello. I am trying to start from a working dropdown menu before I cusomize it and therefore copied that which is displayed at: plotly drop-down documentation page . I am however getting error

TypeError: init() got multiple values for argument ‘id’

While I am newish to python and HTML, my hypothesis is that I have not imported or initialized an HTML library properly before creating the html.Div . I did however import the same libraries as were imported in the above documentation minus the Input and Output libraries as they were causing issues.

Given that I used un-altered code form the documentation page minus that mentioned above, are there any suggestions as to what this could be?

Thanks for reading

Hi @maxduso and welcome to the Dash community.

Try updating dash to the latest version (2. 3.0). Anything dash>=2.1.0 will do the trick :slight_smile:

Hi Anne Marrie. Thanks for your reply.

Upon checking my Anaconda environments, they do not seem to suggest that dash is further updatable from version 1.19.0. Additionally, when I do a conda update dash I get a response that all packages are already installed. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks again!