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Dash dropdown with autofocus issue

First of all, thanks for such a awesome visualization dash tool, which made my life easy.

I have used dash dropdown to filter the data, however I saw some wierd behavior of dropdown.
When I select item from dropdown, it just select that item and collapse the item list.
But when I move to another application and come back to my app, the dropdown list get expanded automatically instead it should be collapse.
I check with dash documentation app, I found the same.
Attached is the gif, please check.

Did you solve this issues?
I have the exact same issue in my dashboard Iā€™m currently building.

For know I have found a nasty workaround using a clientside_callback and javascript:

    function(value) {
        return false;
    Output("<dropdown-id>", "disabled"),
        Input("<dropdown-id>", "value"),

As I imagine that this behavior is not intended, I created an issue on GitHub: