Keep getting autofill for dropdown (not all browsers)

On the Brave browser, which while very modern is not mainstream by any means, I keep getting an autofill address suggestion on one of my dropdowns. I’m not sure why this occurs in only this browser, but would be nice to remove auto complete suggestions as they are not relevant here.

The mdn page for <select> shows that it has an autocomplete option, yet as far as I know, I can’t set this attribute through the dcc.Dropdown constructor. Is this the case, and if so are there any other options I have?

Below is a screenshot. I blacked out the address, because Internet, but it is one of the cities in my personal address book.


Could you maybe force the autocomplete to be inactive in a css stylesheet?

As far as I know, there is no css way to turn off autocomplete. I thought it can only be done via html attributes.