DASH does not implement the changes I make to the code

I have started to follow a simple example of using DASH and see the interactivity of the plots. I have copied the first example from https://plot.ly/dash/. It runs ok but after changing the coding (for example the title), and running it again it does not implement and show the changes. Even when I copy another example that is totally different and run, it shows the same first example results! I have noticed that it only runs the first example correctly, and the only way to run a new example is to restart the computer and run (again it runs correctly only for the first try and any changes I make afterwards do not get implemented).

Has anyone had the same issue? What to do to get rid of this?
Thanks in advance!

in what environment are you running your code? command line, jupiter notebook, pycharm, etc?

I have tried jupiter notebook and Spyder (available in Anaconda).

See the discussion here: Dash server not updating through examples - not able to stop the previous server? - #7 by jwhendy

Thank you very much. It is now working.