Dash Deployment Server Necessary?

Hi all,

A project that I’m working on is looking into using Dash for a web application that will be used internally. We had some confusion that we were hoping could be cleared up here. It is not clear if the paid Dash Deployment Server is needed to deploy an app. My understanding is that the Dash Deployment Server is intended for large projects and so that developers can have good support. Since we’re developing a small internal project, we were hoping that we could deploy an app developed with Dash on our own internal machine. I believe that this is possible without using the paid services and only using the open source release, but would just like confirmation from this community.

Yes, you can deploy the apps without Dash Deployment Server. You can see the official deployment docs here, which discusses different options: https://dash.plot.ly/deployment/.

Dash Deployment Server makes it a lot easier to manage apps in corporate environments and is tailor-made for deploying Dash apps (docs here: https://dash.plot.ly/dash-deployment-server), but it’s not strictly necessary.