Dash DataTable with RadioButton/Checklist as cell content

I’m trying to create a table containing players, games and a set of configurations that can be toggled on/off.
The ideal would be to use a Dash DataTable with RadioButtons (similar as for DropDowns). Is this possible? Any ideas on how to achieve this? Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 23.27.41

The example shown is created with “standard” HTML table, but as the list can be very long I need it to be scrollable and flexible similar to a DataTable.

That would be cool! Not currently supported by you could try using dropdowns within DataTable and using an emoji or utf8 character as the dropdown’s label. That’d mimic the look of this layout.

Otherwise you’ll have to use html table and some pattern matching callback to dynamically get all of the values from all of the radio items.

To get this supported into the DataTable in the next 3-6 months, you could submit a pull request to DataTable or your org can sponsor the feature.