Dash Datatable mouse over on each row

Hi Dash Team,

I am using new Data table heavily (even the latest update 3.1.6).

I remember the legacy data table experiment package can detect any event when we move our mouse over any row. I want to trigger some graph plotting function when user mouse over different rows in the data table, based on the unique data in each row. Is it easy to do it in the new framework?

If this is possible, can we overlay the dynamic/interactive graph on top of the data table and provide certain transparency/opacity to the underneath table?

I want to make use of dash feature to present a good prototype for a Finance projecdt



Hover isn’t currently possible, but you could do it with click by listening to the active_cell property (https://dash.plot.ly/datatable/reference)

Thank you Chris. I can make use of this listener.

If I want to create a little pop up graph when mouse over any particular row, do you think I can commingle Dash wrapped with React JS to achieve this effect?

Thank you.


I mean if I want to pop up a line graph when mouse over each row, I need to plug in my own javascript which we need to reference at https://dash.plot.ly/react-for-python-developers Using your React components in Dash yah?