Dash DataTable - Column of type JSON doesn't populate

TLDR; My Dash DataTable doesn’t populate the column of type JSON; the other columns populate fine

I have a Dash DataTable that is populated by the results of a query on my Postgresql database.

There are 4 columns that should be output: “weapons”, “times_used”, “ranking”, “pct_used”

These columns are of type: JSON, int, int, float

The table populates fine except for the JSON column. I believe that if I typecast the JSON column to TEXT, then it will output properly. However, I can’t find a reliable way of converting to TEXT.

Here’s an example of the JSON-type weapons column: [“axe”, “rifle”, “grenade”]

Attached is an image of the DataTable.

I was able to solve my issue. Just had to convert the JSON column to to type string by doing the following:

df["weapon"] = df["weapon"].astype(str)

Now it outputs properly.