Dash DataTable DateTime

I am using Dash DataTable and have datetime64 types in columns that have been read from a JSON object that was stored in a Store component.
The column’s that are datetime64 are displayed as followed:


Is there a way to display the date with no time data without changing the dtype to object?

I have tried this:

mainData = pd.read_json(data, orient='table')

for cols in mainData.columns:
        if mainData[cols].dtype == 'datetime64[ns]':
            mainData[cols] = pd.to_datetime(mainData[cols]).dt.normalize()
            # This changes the type to object which is not ideal.
            # mainData[cols] = pd.to_datetime(mainData[cols])
            # mainData[cols] = mainData[cols].dt.date


If I print out the column no time data is printed out only when displayed in DashTable:
0 1975-11-08
1 1974-08-30
2 1978-10-15
3 1980-04-05
4 1975-03-12

Have you tried passing format='%Y-%m-%d' into the pd.to_datetime function?

Unfortunately not

mainData[cols] = pd.to_datetime(mainData[cols], format='%Y-%m-%d')

Still outputs the same as it did before.
I am thinking of just making a deep copy of the dataframe and using a dataframe just to display the results.