Dash Data Tables - Updating Data and Creating Data Table

I want to create a dash data table and set its row values. Except the data i use to set row values needs to be used across other functions so as suggested in one of the posts I am creating a hidden div and storing the data there. Unfortunately since the data creation and the data display calls are both out of the same event this doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone shed some light?

def view1(value):
return (html.Div([dcc.DatePickerSingle(
min_date_allowed=dt(2017, 7, 27),
max_date_allowed=dt(2017, 11, 17),
initial_visible_month=dt(2017, 7, 28),
date=dt(2017, 7, 28)),
html.Div(id=‘selected_date’, style={‘display’: ‘none’})],

        style={'margin-left' : '20px', 'margin-top' : '20px',
                   'backgroundColor': colors['background']}))

On the datepicker event I want to generate data and store it in a hidden Div. Then i want to use this data on my data table which is also called on the back of the datepicker event. How do i do this?