How to Update Data Table Using Date Picker Range

I want to update my data table based on the start date and end date the users choose. However, I can’t link the two on the callback. I understand that my layout uses two dcc components a DatePickerRange and a DataTable . How do I write the function so that my data table updates when the users choose a date. Here’s what I have so far:

’ ```
df = pd.read_csv(‘Test_Time_Series.csv’)
df[‘Date’] = pd.to_datetime(df.Date,errors=‘coerce’)
df.index = df[‘Date’]

app = dash.Dash()

app.layout = html.Div([
    min_date_allowed=dt(2019, 1, 1),
    max_date_allowed=dt(2019, 1, 4),
    initial_visible_month=dt(2019, 1, 1),
    end_date=dt(2019, 1, 4)

app.layout = html.Div([
            {"name": i, "id": i, "deletable": True, "selectable": True, "hideable": True}
            if i == "iso_alpha3" or i == "year" or i == "id"
            else {"name": i, "id": i, "deletable": True, "selectable": True}
            for i in df.columns
        data=df.to_dict('records'),  # the contents of the table
        editable=True,              # allow editing of data inside all cells
        filter_action="native",     # allow filtering of data by user ('native') or not ('none')
        sort_action="native",       # enables data to be sorted per-column by user or not ('none')
        sort_mode="single",         # sort across 'multi' or 'single' columns
        column_selectable="multi",  # allow users to select 'multi' or 'single' columns
        row_selectable="multi",     # allow users to select 'multi' or 'single' rows
        row_deletable=True,         # choose if user can delete a row (True) or not (False)
        selected_columns=[],        # ids of columns that user selects
        selected_rows=[],           # indices of rows that user selects
        page_action="native",       # all data is passed to the table up-front or not ('none')
        page_current=0,             # page number that user is on
        page_size=6,                # number of rows visible per page
        style_cell={                # ensure adequate header width when text is shorter than cell's text
            'minWidth': 95, 'maxWidth': 95, 'width': 95
        style_cell_conditional=[    # align text columns to left. By default they are aligned to right
                'if': {'column_id': c},
                'textAlign': 'left'
            } for c in ['country', 'iso_alpha3']
        style_data={                # overflow cells' content into multiple lines
            'whiteSpace': 'normal',
            'height': 'auto'


Link calendar to data table

dash.dependencies.Output(‘datatable-interactivity’, ‘data’),
[dash.dependencies.Input(‘my-date-picker-range’, ‘start_date’),
dash.dependencies.Input(‘my-date-picker-range’, ‘end_date’)])

def update_data(start_date, end_date):
df = df.loc[start_date: end_date]
columns =[{“name”: i, “id”: i} for i in df.columns]
return data

dash.dependencies.Output(‘datatable-interactivity’, ‘columns’),
[dash.dependencies.Input(‘my-date-picker-range’, ‘start_date’),
dash.dependencies.Input(‘my-date-picker-range’, ‘end_date’)])

def update_columns(start_date, end_date):
df = df.loc[start_date: end_date]
columns =[{“name”: i, “id”: i} for i in df.columns]
return columns

if name == ‘main’: