Dash Components: explicit and implicit arguments and their default values

Dear community,

Please put up with my limited knowledge of the inner workings of dash components.

I have a dash component ‘Navitem’ and would it’s argument is_visible to be set to true by default.
So i set the following in Navitem.react.js:

Navitem.defaultProps = {
  is_visible: true,

Now, i would expect if i do:

from package_name import Navitem
ni = Navitem(children="test")

that is_visible would also be automatically set, even on the python side, but it’s not.
So i tried to manually set is_visible=True in the autogenerated Navitem.py file (normally the args look like this: is_visible=Component.UNDEFINED). But this also does not work.

Where am I going wrong?

I’m looking forward to your answers.