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Custom components boilerplate

I am trying the tutorial on how to write your own components: I followed step-by-step the example and the dummy component does not get displayed when I run the app, app is stuck on 'Loading…"
any ideas what could be wrong? I didn’t make any change to the tutorial’s code

edit: adding to the above, after building and installing the tutorial’s custom component with
npm install
python install
something in my virtual environment got messed up: a dash app which was running fine before the whole custom component attempt now was throwing
"TypeError: ___init___() takes exactly 1 argument (3 given)"
to make it work again I had to wipe my virtual environment and reinstall Dash from zero
don’t know what the conflict was (some library version? where? why?)
does anybody have successfully built a custom component so far?

@carlottanegri - It looks like there was an oudated version requirement in the archetype code. I just removed that here: and you can manually remove it yourself.

Is it working for you now that you’ve re-installed dash?

(I have updated the version of dash-components-archetype to remove that version dependency)

great that you found the possible issue! I’ll test it asap