Dash bootstrap components Progress bars too thin -- something changed during the last package update (2020-08-20)

Something strange happened during the last package update of boostrap components (last night), since all my progress bars suddenly became too thin – they seem to be reverting to the default height.
Also, there seems to be no way of changing the height, through the usual style={‘height’, ‘40px’}. Every time I do that, the number string also disappears.
All my dashboard progress bars are now corrupted.
Any help would be welcome.
Note: I first noticed the change on google cloud (on the deployed dashboard), so I ended up updating my packages and (bam!), the same showed up on the localhost

Thanks for reporting, just opened this issue to track it. I suggest rolling back to 0.10.3 for now, but I’ll look into what went wrong asap.

Thanks for following through the alert.
I reverted to dash-bootstrap-components==0.10.3 and it worked just fined.

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This should now be resolved, you can try updating to 0.10.5

$ pip install -U dash-bootstrap-components

Yes, version 0.10.3 solved the hiccup.