Dash Authorization and Login for R

Hi everybody I have checked and found that there is the package dash-auth for Dash Authorization and Login for Python users here. I was wondering if there is a similar package for R users or how authentication could be achieved via R. Thanks

Excellent question; we’re currently developing a dashAuth package to provide this functionality in Dash for R, and are planning to release it this autumn.


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That souns great. May I ask what the current options are to host and authorise the app to various users? Is it possible to host and authorise through the Plotly site/console?

Hi everyone, are there any news on the planned release of a dashAuth package? Or as already asked are there any other options for Dash authorization in R?

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We are very interested to hear about this. We were hoping to use dashR at our company but not being able to have auth like in Shiny is a no go for us.
Many thanks for the great package

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Hi, any news for the package dashAuth? We’d like to use DashR since it’s great but the authentification feature is a must for us. Many thanks!