Auth package and logged in username

I’m currenlty using the basic auth package. But I haven’t been able to get the loggedin username form that.
I want to use the username to show or not show specific data or figures.

At the end of the first webinar, you mentioned a link to a “famous” auth package that can be used in combination with ploty dash.

Would it be possible to share that link in this group?

hi @PierreVeelen
Great question.

As I said at our live session, user authentication is a pretty advanced topic. Managing usernames and passwords is something we should be very careful about.
I don’t recall mentioning any specific package, but one that I’ve seen in the open source world is dash-auth-flow. There is a long thread about this package in this topic.

Two other threads I’ve found helpful are:


You can also try using flask-login for authentication. it will be advanced topic and initially needs lot of reading and understanding how to use it with plotly dash.

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