Dash Application - Production Environment

Hi dash community,

I will be taking on a project in my organization. Basically, it is building a web-based dashboard for reporting and visualization. I decided to develop the application using Dash for productivity reasons - however, I have only worked with Dash for university projects where scalability was not a requirement.
The application will run in Docker containers on a Linux server, along with some data pipelines and a Postgressql database. I will be using Gunicorn as the WSGI and Nginx for load balancing and encryption. The idea is to simply read data from a database using callback functions and server the users. The number of people to be served by this app is around 30.

I am a bit concerned and would like to ask you to advise me on how to approach the project and what to look for and consider before and after I start - just write down any concerns that come to mind. Other than that, I have the following specific question:

  • What should be the minimum requirements for the VM (RAM, CPUs and whatever else)? And starting at what amount of Ram and number of CORs would the VM be considered to have the best requirements?

  • Will dash/flask be able to handle 30 requests per second giving the right conditions?

  • What are some of the best practices to consider from the get-go?

I would appreciate your comments. Thank you very much!