Dash App in Spyder Issues - IPython.lib.display.IFrame

Hi guys - seeing this very weird issue with Spyder when running the example Dash App directly in the IPython console. I have two separate computers that have exact same version of Spyder, Dash, Plotly all installed and am getting different outputs when running the example app.

I’m having the same difficulty as this guy here: python - Plotly DASH output has no URL and unexpected behaviour - Stack Overflow

Computer 1 - Works correctly:

Computer 2 - Not working correctly:

For reference - the webpage is still being rendered as I visit and the example Dash Application is there. I just have no idea why one computer has a different output then the other.

Using pdb, I’m able to see that for the computer that IS working correctly jupyter_dash is NOT active, in_colab, or in_ipython.


But for the computer that is working unexpectedly, jupyter_dash IS active, NOT in_colab, and IS in_python.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FWIW - when running in command console, both computers work correctly.

I have the same issue trying to run dash app in Spyder IDE. (anaconda base environment)