Dash App in Shopify fails to load dash components

I have built a DASH app and deployed it in server and it works fine but when I try to embed it in shopify dashboard, it fails to load dash components, can anyone help me with this!

Here’s how I’ve embedded it

I’ve build a dash app which works fine both in local and in development server, but throws error while embedding in shopify


<div class="dashboard">

var cloud_url = "https://yyy.zzzz.com/";

and here’s the error I get

GET https://apps.abc.com/_dash-component-suites/dash_renderer/react@15.4.2.min.js?v=0.21.0&m=1552054944 (404 Not Found)

FYI - My dash app url is different from my shopify app and for some reason it appends to shopify url and not the other