Dash app for multi-select dropdown and downloading it as interactive standalone HTML file

Hi all,
Following download html from this link: Interactive html export in Python
Wanted to implement same for dash app with dropdown menu. Unable to link fig with callback and not knowing how to export the multi-select version too. Any tips to do this?

Hi @rsmaayon welcome to the forums.

This was an interesting question for me personally so I created the following example. I am not too happy with the differentiation which images to download as I had to had to use the name attribute of the go.Scatter() trace.

@HConBike and @Emil did the hard work, I just adapted their code slightly.


Really nice and thank you for this.
For normal dropdown we have only selected graph being plotted in dash, is it possible to have same function here instead of having the graphs displayed at all time?

Hi @rsmaayon , so you want to show the figure in your app and at the same time save the figure into a html file?

Yes. Without multi, I am having options for dropdown and based on the value I choose it updates the graph ( Dropdown menus in Python - using the last example : Update Dropdown). In this way we can give different conditions for different graphs in terms of variables or range.