Dash annotated heatmap

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to make a custom colorscale so the negative numbers in their heatmap are Red and the positive ones are green? and maybe even put the numbers close to 0 at yellow?

Thank you

This question is off-topic, I’d recommend creating a new thread for it.

sure, apologies. new thread here: Plotly Annotated Heatmap Colorscale (DASH)

Hello :slight_smile:,
I need to draw annotated heatmap which changes features (rows/columns) shown dynamically. When I draw for first time specific features lets say 9x9 matrix I got normal annotations.
But when added additional feature (matrix 10x10) I have issue with annotations are not shown at the right place. Has someone idea what can be the problem ?


I am using following code:

corr_text = np.around(corr_sw.values, decimals=2) 

font_colors = ['white', 'black'] 

x = y = corr_sw.columns.tolist()   

corr_matrix_fig = ff.create_annotated_heatmap(corr_sw.values, x=x, y=y, annotation_text=corr_text, colorscale='rdylbu', font_colors=font_colors, showscale = True)

#set xaxis to bottom
corr_matrix_fig['layout']['xaxis']['side'] = 'bottom'


Hi! I want to make a annotated heatmap in a tab web. So if you have multiple tables(use html.Div() ), what do you do with ff.create_heatmap() statement? I’ve tried a couple of inserts and they don’t work very well. Thank you!!