Dash Ag Grid Row Grouping


I’m using Dash Ag Grid enterprise to group columns, I have a total which I want to show at the bottom and therefore doesn’t need the same grouping as other rows. Is there a way I can stop this row from having a dropdown and the (1) in brackets?


Hi @Kiy

Yes, that’s possible but there are not yet any examples in the dash docs. You can find more information on this page. If you want a Dash version of any of the examples, let me know.

Hi @AnnMarieW, okay thanks!
I’ve been testing a few things out and i’m struggling with custom AggFunc. Have you tried this out?

I even copied the example in the docs:

dagfuncs.ratioAggFunc = function (params) {
  let goldSum = 0;
  let silverSum = 0;
  params.values.forEach((value) => {
    if (value && value.gold) {
      goldSum += value.gold;
    if (value && value.silver) {
      silverSum += value.silver;
  return createValueObject(goldSum, silverSum);

But if you console log value.silver or value.gold it thinks it doesn’t exist. For me params.values is just a list of values

Hello @Kiy,

There are three functions that need to come over in there if I remember correctly.

You should be able to check the dash docs for custom agg functions.

yep I have those in too, I was just trying to show which bit doesn’t work.
I’d copied the docs version and it doesn’t work @jinnyzor

What version of dag are you running?

dash-ag-grid = “^2.4.0”

Could you please provide an MRE and then also a picture demonstrating how you would like the end result?

Apologies, I’ve actually figured it out now - I was grouping the column headers and I was using the wrong ID, very silly :man_facepalming: