AG Grid Grouping

Is there a way to group rows similar to the example in the AG Grid documentation? We would like to have the grouped row render across all columns as described and not have an additional “Group” column. We have also tried setting groupUseEntireRow and groupSuppressAutoColumn to True with no success and there doesn’t appear to be a groupDisplayType option to set.

Hello @meb1228,

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You should be able to use something like this: dashGridOptions={'groupDisplayType':'groupRows'}, AG Grid has tons and tons of features, so we allow for dashGridOptions to be able to used to capture ones that we havent explicitly listed. :slight_smile:

Please also note that this is an enterprise only feature.

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Wow thank you so much! You’re a life saver.


@jinnyzor would this work similarly for this example as well? Trying to understand how to use the functions used in the docs in dash.

Hello @meb1228,

No, this is not available right now. You cannot pass functions in that location, currently.

OK good to know. Is there any ability to have a fixed footer with totals currently?

At this very moment, I do not think so.