📣 Dash AG Grid 2.1.0 Released

:rocket: We’re excited to announce that Dash AG Grid v2.1.0 is released, with a variety of small features and fixes by @jinnyzor and our Plotly staff member, Mario Rodríguez Ibáñez.

pip install dash-ag-grid==2.1.0



  • #174

  • columnState floats during grid interaction and only gets pushed when sent in a callback

  • columnDefs trumps columnState if it is pushed in a callback without a columnState

  • #207 Update AG Grid from 29.3.3 to 29.3.5, with a few minor bugfixes, see their changelog for 29.3.4 and 29.3.5. Also other minor dependency updates.


  • #174 Fix #171: Markdown renderer now displays a blank cell rather than writing undefined if there is no value
  • #204 filterOptions will now work as a regular object
  • #206 Fix #195 where if the user was to redo the exact same action, callbacks on cellValueChanged would not trigger again. Fix by adding timestamp into the object, as we have in other event-type props to make them unique.

doubleClick sounds like a such a nice feature! I can see a lot of handy implementations for it :slight_smile: