📣 Dash 0.37.0 released

dash 0.37.0

  • Improved Python 3.8 support
  • This version introduces version locking between dash and all dash core libraries (renderer, dcc, html, table), to use dash and all core packages, you now only need a single command pip install dash.

dash-renderer 0.18.0

  • Removed redux logger
  • Removed obsolete event system

dash-core-components 0.43.1

dash-table 3.4.0

  • Added support for new datetime type
  • Fixed a bug with filtering preventing columns with non-alphanumerical characters from applying filters correctly and some miscellaneous fixes related to filtering
  • Fixed tooltip positioning for cells in fixed rows and/or columns

Thanks, I am big fan of the version lock!

More than once I’ve faced some issue and it’s taken me over than a few minutes to figure out it’s because my dash library versions are out of sync with each other.