Cytoscape label styling does not work as expected

I am trying to create nodes in cytoscape with multi-line text as label on them, however some of the related style properties show no effect when set.
Here is the style dictionary I created:

'style': {
    'label': 'data(label)',
    'text-valign': 'center',
    'line-height': '2',
    'text-wrap': 'wrap',
    'text-justification': 'left',
    'font-size': '20px'

The label text (with \n in it) shows up in multiple lines in the right size at the center of the node as it should be, so label, text-wrap, text-valign and font-size are working as expected. However line-height and text-justification seem to show no effect whatever value I change them to. The text stays aligned to the center with the lines stacked close to each other without any kind of spacing between them.
Can you help please help and point out what I am missing?

me too i couldn’t change the font-size of the label of node.
However i tried to create a customized cytoScape in react then i added as following the styles related to nodes and edges inside javascript code.

 cy.nodes().style({"font-size": 25})
cy.edges().style({"width": 0.01})