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Cytoscape graph doesn't show up when used with Dash - Bootstrap Themes


I am facing an issue with cytoscape graph. The app that i have developed has some 6 tabs. Each tab carries a different set of information and graph. The app seems to be working well when i am using just CSS styling. However, when i use the same app with dash-bootstrap themes [LUX] the cytoscape graph doesn’t show up. Every other tab (using dbc), graph, styling feature works well…except the cytoscape graph.

Now, i tried to understand what the issue is and here is what i know. The cytoscape graph works well when it is housed inside the first tab in the app - see First tab pic, when using bootstrap themes. However, the moment i change the sequence of the tab - see Second tab pic, in which cytoscape graph is housed, i.e. make it a second or a third tab, the graph doesn’t work - just doesn’t show up.

And i don’t understand why is this happening. Any suggestions?