Cytosca[e component get updated by receiveng partial patch update

General point

After receiveng a patch with appended elements a cytoscape component reloaded and node layout on a canvas are rerendered.

I send new node edges in the patch and expect the component to dispay them, but instead all the nodes are reshuffled on the canvas and no edges are displayed.

Should i trust Cytoscape? my experiments are going very unpredictable, behavior in the official Cytoscape documentation doesn’t match one of Dash Cytoscape.

Specific point

Does Dash Cytoscape completely follow oficcial Cytoscape JSON Notation?

I noticed that if i add into a partial patch the key {'group': 'edges'} Dash doesn’t work, seems like it can’t parse
received data. Irritating. There is no the only source of truth.

Hi, it’s difficult to understand your problem with the information you provided. Could you create a MRE which reproduces the mentioned behaviour?