Customize tooltip on timeseries graph

The csv file contains data in below format.


Name of the file will be in MMDDYYYY.csv format.
First column of the the data will be time in 24 hours format( HH:MM format )(X axis).
Second column of the data is combustion efficiency(CE). This is the
Third column of the data is Opacity.
Fourth column of the data is Air Assist(You are suppose to plot the graph for this value)(Y axis).
The X axis of the graph should display time scale and Y axis of the graph should display Air Assist scale.

X axis should display the time and Y axis should display the Air Assist. When user hover on the graph, user should be able to see the information for that particular point of time.

Here, I will be able to display the graph using date and air assist value on x and y axis, but how will I able to display all the other information on hovering?

using Single-page reference in JavaScript