Customize Hover in React

I’m trying to figure out how to completely customize the rollover hover that pops up but i’m not having much luck in all the reading i’ve done. I’m using a 3D scatter/line plot. I’ve tapped into the onHover event and can access all the data I need there…I just don’t know how to actually set the hover html in React.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to use the data from the event, modify/format it and put some custom html around it. Like if i could return or set some JSX from the hover event that would be perfect. If I can’t do that I’d like to be able to at least manipulate the data (i don’t want to see x/y/z but rather some other data related at that point) and maybe use some CSS to style it a bit?

Btw, I’ve been playing around with hoverinfo, hovertext, and hovertemplate. These have had varying degrees of success when combined with D3 formatters but they still aren’t giving me the level of control i need.

Thanks in advance