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Creating floating bar charts with Plotly


What’s the best way to create a floating bar chart with Plotly? Here are two examples illustrating what I mean:

I’m looking to plot several dozen ranges - each with a start value and end value - as a horizontal bar chart. So far, the closest I’ve managed to get with Plotly is a horizontal box plot (e.g. I’ve avoided the lines and caps by limiting each trace to two values, namely the upper and lower bounds. Is there a better way to create charts of this type?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here’s how:

Thanks etienne - I wasn’t familiar with the ‘base’ attribute, very helpful.

I suppose for datasets like mine (value pairs corresponding to upper and lower bounds), this means an extra step is required - set the lower values as the ‘base’ array, then calculate the size/width of each individual trace and set those values as the ‘x’ array. Hope this is helpful to anyone looking to create something similar.

Here’s my fork of the above, showing multiple bars with different colours on same line