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Bar chart - show bars between times

Is it possible to have bars with x coordinates based on time ranges? I am thinking to use column width but not sure how to position a column’s left edge at a specific x value.


Hi @Zolotoy could please explain in more details what you would like to do (maybe including a schematic drawing)? I don’t understand.

Something like this. Where left side of a bar starts at a specific time like 8:00 and 9:30.

You can use the offset parameter of a bar trace for this. Below is an example with Python code, but it translates directly in Javacript

Ah, I see thanks. Not very relevant: How can I remove a border from a bar? Is it applied by default?

You can configure bar markers as described in

The reason I am asking is this:
On this screen you should a wide area in reed color:

but when I zoom in I dont see that wide area:

What’s a value for offset supposed to be?