Creating different kind of Heatmap( with varying sizes based on z value)


I want to create the following kind of heatmap in Plotly.
What are the ways that I can do that?
I was wondering if I have to use shapes to do this.

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In plotly lingo, that looks more like a bubble chart to me:

Thank You for your reply.
Can I use the third dimension as a property for size of bubbles.
Size parameter in bubble chart accepts a 1-D array. But I have z parameter for all x and corresponding y values(i.e. 2D array).
Can I use that in bubble charts?

For example: My visualization looks like this:-

I want to use bubbles instead of rectangles and scale them based on score values(Blue color blocks should be larger)


Unfortunately, no. You’ll have to rearrange your 2D array into a long 1D array with the corresponding x and y coordinates to fill the grid.

That was really helpful.
Thank You so much.

I created this image.
I am not able to display the colorscale, after setting ‘showscale:True’.

data_dict = {
        'x': hours,
        'y': metrics,            
        'marker' : {
                    'size': transformed_arr[0],
                    'showscale': True

Can you help me in displaying that.

Thank You so much for all your help.

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I was able to include colorscale as well.

I used the following code:
data_dict = {
‘x’: hours,
‘y’: metrics,
‘marker’ : {
‘color’ : transformed_arr[day],
‘size’ : abc[day],#set color equal to a variable
‘cmin’ : -10,
‘cmax’ : 10


Thank You so much for your help.